Get Trading! Accelerate your business idea and get ready to trade

The Get Trading (GT) Programme zooms into pole position as the number 1 short programme to help South Tyneside residents progress their business idea so they’re ready to start trading. You’ll get support from Business Advisors who’ve been round the track a few times, and have answered every conceivable question on starting business. Add to […]

How to Sell In-Person & Make Your Pop-up Shop a Standout Success, Morpeth

Investing in a pop-up shop or stall at an event is a big investment of time, energy and money. However, it can be a powerful way to boost your brand awareness and increase sales. Delivered by BIPC North East’s Sales Expert, Moira Barnes and Visual Marketing Expert, Ann English, this informative session is designed to help small businesses […]

AMF Process Improvement Group – Digital Manufacturing (Industry 4.0)

Welcome to the AMF Process Improvement Group – Digital Manufacturing (Industry 4.0) event! Join us for insightful discussions and networking opportunities around digital manufacturing and Industry 4.0. We’ve all heard of Industry 4.0; IoT and smart data but were perhaps confused by all the acronyms and how we would adopt/use this within our businesses. Join […]

Start Smart and Grow Networking – 25th June 2024

ems: Networking is good old fashioned networking. All attendees get to introduce themselves and their business, let’s face it, that’s why you are coming along. There is a structure in place so you get to talk to as many people as possible, making it a good use of your time. Attendees are then encouraged to […]

How to Build Your Business Brand – The TEDCO Digital Marketing Programme

Looking for business support? This fully-funded programme may be just what you need. You’ll learn the secrets of building your business brand from people who have already succeeded, making the most of the support they’ve received from TEDCO Business Support. You’ll also have the chance to meet experts, business advisers and others who have taken […]

The Fundamentals Of An Effective Marketing Strategy

Embed a marketing culture in your business that empowers your team to power performance and results. In just 3 hours, discover a way to create a connected marketing strategy using The Marketing Performance Framework(TM). Learn what marketing is and how to visualise the process, track return on investment and see the impact of tasks on […]